What is Keylogger in Cyber Security?

In this tutorial, we are going to see What is a keylogger in cyber security?

Keylogger is a device responsible for recording keystrokes on the keyboard and recording them without the user’s knowledge. It is therefore a spying device.

Some keyloggers are able to record the URLs visited, the e-mails opened or sent, the files opened, and even create a video of all the computer’s activity!

Since keyloggers record all keystrokes, they can be used by malicious people to get the passwords of the workstation users! This means that you should be particularly careful when using a computer that you cannot trust (a computer that is freely accessible in a company, a school, or a public place such as an Internet café).


Keyloggers: It’s a software or hardware?

Keyloggers can be either software or hardware. In the first case, it is a stealth process (or a process with a name that strongly resembles the name of a system process), writing the captured information in a hidden file! Keyloggers can also be hardware: it is then a device (cable or dongle) inserted between the computer’s keyboard socket and the keyboard.

Protecting yourself from keyloggers

The best way to protect yourself is to be vigilant:

  • Don’t install software of doubtful source,
  • Be careful when you log on to a computer that does not belong to you! If it is a computer with free access, quickly examine the configuration, before connecting to sites asking for your password, to see if users have gone before you and if it is possible or not for an ordinary user to install the software. In case of doubt, do not connect to secure sites for which there is a stake (online banking, …)

If you have the possibility, inspect the computer with anti-spyware.
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