Arrow functions in JavaScript

Arrow functions were initiated with ES6 as a new syntax for writing JavaScript functions. They save developers time and simplify the scope of functions. Let’s look at the evolution of function syntaxes in JavaScript.

Regular function:
function sayHello() {
   return "Hello World!";


Function with ES5:
sayHello = function() {
  return "Hello World!";


Function with ES6:
sayHello = () => "Hello World!";



What is an arrow function?

Arrow functions have a more concise syntax for writing functions. They use => which looks like an arrow. Arrow functions are anonymous functions.

Arrow functions make our code more concise and simplify the scope of functions. These are single-line functions that work much like Lambdas in other languages like Java or Python. By using arrow functions, we avoid having to type the keyword function, return, and the braces {} (are implicit in arrow functions).


If you have parameters, you pass them in parentheses:

sum = (n1 , n2) => n1 + n2;

sum(1, 2); // 3
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