Difference between PHP and Javascript

JavaScript and PHP are the most popular and flexible programming languages used for website development.

Many programmers would agree that it is not fair to compare one with the other as they have different website development goals.

While PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. JavaScript control elements on the browser side, while PHP control elements on the server-side.

PHP is founded on the C language, so anyone with a good understanding of C would find PHP easy to learn. While both are used to improve the web in general.


Comparison table
Javascript is used on the Front-end side. PHP is mainly used on the Back-end side.
Javascript is asynchronous, it does not wait for I / O operations. PHP is synchronous, it waits for IO operations to be executed.
Runs in browsers PHP runs on a server. Cannot operate without a server.
Can be combined with HTML, AJAX and XML. Can be combined with HTML only.
It is a single-threaded, event-driven language, which means it never crashes and everything works simultaneously. It is multi-threaded, which means it blocks I / O to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


  • Originally created to run in the web browser, it is also possible to run JavaScript on the server side with NodeJS.
  • Javascript is based on ECMAScript specifications.
  • This is a purely functional language, but it is possible to emulate many features of OOP, such as objects, classes, etc…
  • Originally, Netscape created this solution for DOM manipulation and scripting for web browsers.
  • Javascript is asynchronous by nature, which means that it was designed to be able to compute IO operations such as network requests, file operations (with NodeJS), etc. without waiting. It is therefore ideal for low latency solutions such as streaming servers.
  • Javascript is most used for developing front-end websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, and web services.

  • It was originally created to run on the server side and is still used as a server side programming language.
  • It is inspired by the C language, but it has evolved into a kind of OOP language.
  • It is an OOP language since version 4, and today (PHP 7.1), it has many modern features such as classes, inheritance, polymorphism, overload, encapsulation, constructors, destructors …
  • It was originally created by Ramus Lerdorf for the purpose of developing their personal home page (PHP).
  • PHP is by nature synchronous, which means that it waits for IO operations. Note that it is possible to develop asynchronous PHP applications using the Swoole extensions. In some cases, it can be faster than JavaScript running under NodeJS.
  • PHP is the most widely used language for developing back-end applications and web services.



Javascript runs on the client-side while PHP runs on the server-side. But with nodejs, you can also run JavaScript on the server-side. Javascript is mainly used to create interactive web interfaces, while PHP does all the server-side tasks, such as user authentication, display of results, etc.
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