How do you determine the data type of a variable in PHP?

PHP is more tolerant than other programming languages and does not require a fixed data type to be specified for a variable. In fact, there is not even an opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, the value of each variable has a data type that influences the processing of this value. For example, adding integers behaves differently than adding strings.


To find out what data type the value of a variable has, gettype($var) can be used. This function returns one of the following string, which correspond to the known data types in PHP: ‘boolean’, ‘integer’, ‘double’, ‘string’, ‘array’, ‘object’, ‘resource’, ‘NULL’, ‘unknown type’. Floats are represented by ‘double’.

    function func($par) {
        echo("Data type of '".$par."' is '".gettype($par)."'.\n");


Data type of '50' is 'integer'.
Data type of '2.5' is 'double'.
Data type of 'hello' is 'string'.
Data type of '' is 'NULL'.

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is_* functions

The function gettype() should only be used to output the datatype of a variable. Testing for special datatypes – with this function – is not recommended, because the returns may change at some point. Instead, the functions is_boolean($var), is_string($var), is_float($var), is_array($var), is_object($var), is_resource($var) and is_null($var) should be used.

    function square($val) 
        // Only integers or floats should be squared by this function
        // an error is thrown for all other data types.
        if (!is_int($val) && !is_float($val)) 
            throw new Exception('Invalid parameter passed. '
                .'Integer was expected, '.gettype($val).' was given.');
        return ($val * $val);
    // square with 2 as a number
    // square with 2 as a string, produces an error
    catch (Exception $e) 


Invalid parameter passed. Integer was expected, string was given.
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