PHP Questions and Answers – Object-Oriented OOP – Part 1

This collection of PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs): Quizzes & Practice Tests with Answer focuses on “Object-Oriented OOP”.

1. The concept of separating the user from the internal details of an application is known as_____________

A Abstraction

B Polymorphism

C Inheritance

D Encapsulation

In object-oriented PHP encapsulation is a practice of attaching the data members and methods in a single module.



2. The concept of creating objects based on pre-defined classes is known as_____________

A Class creation

B Class instantiation

C Object creation

D Object instantiation

In object-oriented programming, classes are the schemes of PHP objects. Classes do not become objects before instantiation is done. When someone instantiates a class, it creates an instance of it, thus creating the object. In other words, instantiation is the process of creating an instance of an object in memory.



3. Classes are the ___________ of objects.

A reference

B type

C blueprints

D instances

Classes are the blueprints of objects.



4. Objects are also known as _________.

A reference

B type

C blueprints

D instances

We define a class once and then instantiate many objects that belong to them.



5. Class is a user-defined data type, which includes ______ methods and _______ variable?

A local, global

B global, global

C global, local

D local, local

Class is a user-defined data type, which includes local methods and local variable.



6. How to defin a new class called “MyClass”?

A class MyClass ()

B class MyClass []

C class MyClass {}

D MyClass class{}

The class is enclosed using curly braces { } just like functions.



7. Object are created using _______ keyword?

A object

B create

C new

D obj()

Object are created using new keyword.

$obj = new MyClass;



8. To define a new class you start with the keyword ________ ?

A var

B class

C new

D function

To define a new class you start with the keyword “class”.



9. Constructor is also called ______ function

A automatic

B find

C magic

D key

A constructor is also called magic function since, in PHP, magic methods generally start with two underscore __.



10. Which of the following built-in functions is used to determine object type?

A is_a()

B type()

C obj_type()

D is_obj()

The built-in function is_a() returns true if the object belongs to a class type or if it belongs to a class that is a child of that class. Or else false is returned.


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