Cloud Computing MCQ Questions and Answers – Part 2

Practice MCQ questions with answers to test your knowledge about Cloud Computing i.e. technologies, architecture, infrastructure, virtualization, data storage, etc. Test your knowledge and work on the questions you get wrong mostly.

1. Which of the following cloud computing concepts is related to pooling and sharing resources?

A Polymorphisme

B Abstraction

C Virtualisation

D All the answers are true

Virtualization is the “creation of a virtual (rather than real) version of something, such as a server, desktop computer, storage device, operating system or network resources”.



2. Communication between services is largely done using the ________




D All the answers are true

SOAP defines a standard communication protocol specification for XML-based message exchange. SOAP uses different transport protocols, such as HTTP and SMTP.



3. ______ refers to the location and management of the cloud infrastructure

A Service

B Application

C Deployment

D All the answers are true

One of the key elements of Cloud Computing is the deployment model. The cloud deployment model indicates how cloud services are made available to users. The four deployment models associated with cloud computing are as follows:

  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community Cloud

4. Which of the following is a deployment model?

A Private

B Public

C Hybrid

D All the answers are true




5. CaaS means _____________

A Compliance as service.

B Computer as service.

C Community as service.

D Communication as service.

Communications as a service (CaaS) is a set of services provided by various vendors that facilitate business communications. Organizations can use these services to reduce costs and increase efficiency in business processes involving audio or video telecommunications.



6. _________ Computing refers to applications and services that run on a distributed network using virtualized resources.

A Distributed

B Cloud

C Soft

D Parallel

Cloud computing applications are accessible via common Internet protocols and network standards.



7. Which of the following can be identified as a Cloud ?

A Web Applications

B Intranet

C Hadoop

D All the answers are true

When an intranet becomes large enough, the intranet is also identified as a cloud.



8. Which of the following concepts is important in the cloud?

A Reliability

B Productivity

C Abstraction

D All the answers are true

Cloud computing hides the details of the system implementation from the user. Applications run on unspecified physical systems, information is stored in an unknown location, systems management is delegated to others, and access to resources is granted to the user.



9. Find the false statement:

A All applications benefit from deployment in the cloud

B With cloud computing, you can start very small and get very big very quickly

C Cloud computing is revolutionary, even if the technology on which it is built is scalable

D None of the above

Issues of latency, transaction control, and especially in security and regulatory compliance, are concerning constraints.



10. ________ has many features of what is now called Cloud Computing.

A Internet

B Software

C Web Service

D All the answers are true

The Internet offers abstraction, works with the same protocols, standards and uses the same applications and operating systems.


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