Cloud Computing MCQ Questions and Answers – Part 3

Practice MCQ questions with answers to test your knowledge about Cloud Computing i.e. technologies, architecture, infrastructure, virtualization, data storage, etc. Test your knowledge and work on the questions you get wrong mostly.


1. Which of the following is a cloud platform developed by Amazon?

A Azur


C Cloudera

D None of the above

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is one of the most successful companies in the cloud. It is an infrastructure as a service that allows you to rent virtual computers on Amazon’s own infrastructure.



2. Cloud computing is an abstraction based on the idea of pooling physical resources and presenting them as a ________ resource.

A real

B virtual

C cloud

D None of the above

Cloud Computing is a new model providing platform-independent resources, application transfer and service access.



3. Choose the correct statement:

A The word “Cloud” refers to two essential concepts

B Cloud computing abstracts systems by combining and sharing resources

C Cloud computing is nothing more than the Internet

D None of the above

Cloud computing abstracts systems by combining and sharing resources.



4. Which of the following types of virtualization is also a feature of cloud computing?

A Storage

B Application


D All the answers are true




5. The technology used to distribute service requests to resources is called _______

A Load division

B Workload planning

C Load balancing

D None of the above

Cloud load balancing is defined as the method of dividing workloads and computing properties in a cloud computing. It allows companies to manage workloads or applications by distributing resources across multiple computers, networks or servers. Load balancing in the cloud also includes maintaining traffic flow.



6. Choose the correct statement:

A A customer can request access to a cloud service from any location.

B the cloud has several application instances and directs requests to an instance according to the conditions

C Computers can be partitioned into a set of virtual machines, with a workload assigned to each machine.

D All the answers are true




7. Which of the following software can be used to implement load balancing?

A Apache mod_balancer

B Apache mod_proxy_balancer

C F6’s BigIP

D None of the above

Apache mod_proxy_balancer. This module provides load balancing support for all supported protocols (HTTP, FTP, WebSocket, etc).



8. Which of the following network resources can be balanced?

A Connections via smart switches

B DNS server

C Storage resource

D All the answers are true




9. Which of the following is a more sophisticated load balancer?

A Rack server managers

B Workload managers

C Workspace managers

D All the answers are true

Workload managers is a process for determining the appropriate loads to provide optimal performance for applications and users.



10. Which of the following service providers offers less security?

A SaaS

B PaaS

C IaaS

D None of the above

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) serves as a base layer for other distribution models, and the lack of security in this layer will certainly affect other distribution models.


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