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MS Oracle MCQ questions and answers for the preparation of tests, exams, and certifications. So you will find questions about the Datafiles, Control Files, Redo Log Files, Archive Log Files, Parameter Files, Trace Log, Backup, and much more. This systematic learning method will easily prepare anyone to pass their exam.

1. The database environment in Oracle is called ___________ ?

A Schema

B Instance

C Data structure

D All the answers are true

A database instance is a set of memory structures that manage all database files.



2. What is the smallest storage unit in an Oracle database?

A Data block

B Segment

C Extent

D Data file

The smallest storage unit in an Oracle database is the data block.



3. A collection of information stored in a database at a given time is called ____________ ?

A Database instance

B Objects in the database

C Data structure

D Database schema

Oracle works on an instance basis, so any Oracle-related operation will be at the instance level only.



4. The design of an Oracle database is also called _____________?

A Database abstraction

B Database instance

C Database schema

D None of the above

The design of an Oracle database is done at the schema level.



5. A _____________ is a set of tables physically stored together as a table that share a common column?

A Index

B Object

C Datafiles

D Cluster

Cluster is a schema object that contains data from one or more tables, all having one or more columns in common.



6. A _______________ is used to group data in a logical way ?

A Database

B Tablespace

C Datafiles

D Object

The Oracle database includes one or more logical storage units called Tablespace.



7. The modification of a level without affecting the high level schema is called _______?

A Data migration

B Data Isolation

C Data Independence

D Data abstraction

Data independence means that the change at the internal level does not affect the conceptual level.



8. What are the objects in a pattern made of?

A Table

B Indexs

C Cluster

D All the answers are true

The Oracle database schema consists of Table, Index, Cluster.



9. What are the valid schemas in Oracle ?

A Logical schema

B Physical schema

C Logical and physical diagram

D None of the above

Oracle has two schema levels: logical and physical.



10. Mapping entities, attributes and relationships in Oracle is represented by ___________?

A Conceptual schema

B Logical schema

C Physical schema

D All the answers are true

The logical schema model can have many-to-many relationships and also objects such as table, view, procedure, etc.


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